Rosen Terziev – lecturer in the Master’s degree “Advertising and Brand management”

Brand communication is an essential part of the relationship between a brand and its consumers. In the Master’s degree “Advertising and Brand management” Rosen Terziev is one of our lecturers who has come a long way to gain the experience that he shares today at ARC Academy. As a lecturer of “Communication Strategies”, he reveals to our students how advertising becomes successful by achieving effective results. In an interview, we learned more about his experience and achievements in the marketing field.

Introduce yourself and tell us what is your professional path?

My name is Rosen Terziev. I graduated “Business” with a marketing focus. Marketing was the most interesting subject for me during my studies. I have been part of Publicis Groupe for 7 years, where I worked in the field of brand and communication strategy. Four of these seven years I worked at Saatchi & Saatchi and the other three – in an independent strategic unit which we called Brandworks.

Tell us what is your occupation at the moment and what subject do you teach at ARC Academy?

I am a freelancer – something like a strategic consultant. At ARC Academy I teach “Communication Strategy”.

Why did you choose to develop in the field of marketing? 

For me, the marketing courses were the most interesting courses at the university. There is some magic in the word “market” and the way products find the consumer. I am still under the influence of that magic.

What is your greatest achievement so far in your profession?

Building a team and creating professionals, feels like my greatest achievement.

What does it take for advertising to be successful?

To achieve successful advertising, you need a great degree of trust between all partners in the process. In addition, everyone has to do their job very well.