Sneak peek in the third edition of the online course “How to become a Game Developer”

The first class of the third edition of the course was held last Tuesday, Feb. 8. The course is divided into eight modules. The first module is called “Videogames as industry” and it consists of two lectures. The topic of the lecture was how video and mobile games are made and the lecturer was Evgeni Tenev, who is one of the best producers in Gameloft Sofia.

Evgeni advised the students that if they truly love the world of games and they want to work in the gaming industry, they should invest their time in developing their skills. 

“The internet offers you great opportunities nowadays,” he said. “For example, ARC Academy gives the opportunity to make your dream to be part of a game development team. We already have some great students who want to develop professionally. We are watching them grow and we follow their success. And this keeps our motivation going,” said  Evgeni.

At the end of the class, there was a Q&A session and students were asking questions about the game dev industry and about potential challenges they can face in their professional path.

“Is there an alternative to Unity that is not connected directly with Royalties? Software that can be bought one time?”, “How many testers should try a game before it can be released on the market?”, “Is it necessary to have a bachelor’s or/and a master’s degree to become a game designer or a concept artist?”

The second and last class of the module took part on Wednesday, Feb. 9. The lecturer Denimira Deneva told us about what it’s like to be a producer and how to become one.

In the next module that started on Feb. 10, the students learned more about game design and how to become a designer firsthand from Victor Dosev and Alexander Lainé. 

In the third module of the course, which starts today,  Nikolay Dimitrov will explain to the students how to become a game programmer.

If you want to learn more about the course, the program and the lecturers follow the link.