Sofia Game Jam 2020 – How to become part of the game industry? (part one)

Sofia Game Jam 2020 has already passed, and now it’s time to take stock of the presentations that the lecturers presented to the visitors and what they taught us! SGJ was held on January 25 and 26 in the event hall “In the Park”, and visitors received invaluable advice and knowledge from professionals in the game dev industry. In this article, we have summarized the lectures on the first day (25.01).

In the videos below, you can get acquainted with them in full.

 1. How to become a game developer by Julian Gollop (Gameloft)


Get some inspiration, do lots of research, broaden your horizons.

In the first lecture for SGJ 2020, the founder of Snapshot Games Julian Gallup introduced us to the world of game development and all the steps we have to go through to get to the final product – the game. In addition to the process itself, Julian introduced us to ways we can improve our skills in 2D Art, programming and other roles in the game industry. If you are still a beginner but motivated to develop in this area, then this lecture will certainly help you understand the basics of game development.


2. How to do Development Testing by Alexander Bozhinov and Marieta Stefanova (Ubisoft Sofia)

How are games tested? What is a bug? How to become a dev tester? Alexander Bozhinov and Marieta Stefanova from Ubisoft Sofia answered all those questions at the lecture, during which visitors could interrupt them at any time and ask questions! Playing your favorite game all day sounds like the coolest job, but if you want to get into this game role professionally, you have to have a lot of patience and a keen eye. Playing all day is not so easy, because your main task is to find as many bugs as possible, which you can then describe in detail and send to the programmers to fix them.


3. “Gaming and streaming” – discussion with NoThx

NoThx is one of the biggest gamers in Bulgaria and a commentator for 8 years for GplayTV. In this conversation between NoThx and Vivo, we found out many important lessons about how to become a professional gamer, the time you have to spend on it, the income to expect, and the prospects for the future. In this lecture, we also learned about the stages that streamers go through, the initial steps, what technique is needed, the fans in the beginning, and their increase over time. Rarely streaming popularity happens overnight, sometimes it takes years, but these and many more interesting facts from NoThx we leave you to hear them in the video below.


We have also prepared an article for day two, in which you can watch the lectures of Viktor Dosev (Creative Assembly Sofia) – “How to become a Game designer” and Nikolay Naidenov (Gameloft Sofia) – “How to become a 3D artist”