Start your career in digital marketing in ARC Academy

This month Victoria Sabcheva is celebrating her two-year anniversary as part of ARC Academy’s team. Congratulations Viki! She started her career as an intern and thanks to her dedication, motivation, and diligence she became part of ARC’s team. At the moment her position is Digital Marketing Specialist. Now, we let her tell you how she did it:


Where did you learn from about the internship in ARC Academy and why did you decide to apply?

I learned about the internship position from a friend who sent me a link to the Facebook post. It was in 2020, a month from the pandemic, and everything in the world was going normal. At that time I was a second-year student in Sofia University (SU) studying Public Relations and up to this moment I had a few unsuccessful tries to find an internship. I knew about ARC Academy since the previous summer and when I learned about the internship I was so motivated to apply. I love both video games and Marketing, and when I saw that I have a chance to work there and my work is going to be related to my favorite hobby I decided to apply. It was like “set in stone”, I sent my CV, then I had an interview, and I was lucky enough to get the position. I started exactly on 11.02.2020 (I recall, writing the date today).


How did the internship go?


The internship was very dynamic from the very beginning. I spent about a month with my colleagues in the office, but then COVID started and we were forced to move online. However, during this month I managed to get involved in the work and in the field of  game dev – this is something I do not find easy and it is not for everyone. In the beginning my work was related to writing – for social media, scripts, articles about the different roles in the industry, etc. That was the creative part, the rest was technical tasks and Facebook ads, as well as simple WordPress tasks (something that became my favorite task). Other than that I had to create banners, posters, and stories with Photoshop – I was experimenting a lot and I had to calm down a bit.


What was the most valuable thing you learned during the internship?


Hmm, that should be working with other people who support you and help you learn new things, then you become motivated and want to grow professionally. During the internship I learned so much about digital marketing and marketing as a whole, but those are things you can learn everywhere. What my colleagues taught me, however, I cannot learn anywhere else!


How long have you been part of ARC’s team and How do you feel about it?

Now it’s been 2 years so far. Yayyy, I congratulate myself! Time is running out fast and for me it is hard to accept it’s been two years already. I am  already used to the work – the responsibilities and duties only boost my motivation. The team is very funny and energetic, and I do not say it only because I am part of it. It’s just true. :3

What would you advise people who wonder whether they should apply for an internship in ARC Academy? 


You know Nike’s motto “Just do it!” I do not think you will regret it but I also think everyone has different expectations from the internships. If you want to work somewhere only to include it in your CV or a proof for your university then ARC Academy is not the right place for you. If you want to actually learn something and get experience then ARC is the place! You will be proud of yourself and your work because they will be seen by many people. At the end of the internship you will have successful projects that you can be useful in the future. Moreover, you can join our team permanently. If you want to be in an innovative industry (game dev), and to communicate with many professionals and to improve your skills in digital marketing – join us, we have cookies.


Check out the video to hear what more Viki has to say about her internship in ARC Academy: