Students from “Advertising and Brand Management” share their impressions of the second module of the program

Master’s degree in “Advertising and Brand management” prepares its students for the challenges of the real business world. We at ARC Academy help people who want to acquire more knowledge in the field of brand management. We believe in the “learn through practice” concept. This is why at the beginning of the school year our partners gave each student a case study based on a real project. At the end of the first module, each team presented its developed project on the studied topics – “Consumer behavior”, ‘Marketing research” and “Product innovation”.

The second module “Building a brand” in which students learned about building and developing a successful brand, as well as how to develop a successful marketing strategy, was completed soon after. They had the opportunity to show their creative skills by developing their projects and applying the new knowledge to the second part of the program. The teams presented their ideas online. At the end of each presentation, they received constructive feedback, which helped to improve their work.

Team Mania

What was the assignment of your team? 

Our assignment was to come up with an idea for winning over the next generation fans of the Mania brand.

What made the strongest impression in your presentation?

We used the storytelling technique to present our idea. We told the story of the development of the Mania brand to the group of new users, and subsequently decided to re-imagine it and develop it as a new product in the Mania store.

Team Nova Brasilia

What have you learned about the Nova Brasilia brand from working on the project?

We have learned that Nova Brasilia is a coffee with traditions and that it is a favorite coffee of many people. It occupies a significant market share. This is a brand that has a positive and emotional character.

You gave an idea for a new product of Nova Brasilia. Will you tell us briefly about him?

The challenge for the brand is to reach new and younger consumers. Thus was born the idea of a new product under the brand Nova Brasilia, with more positive and energetic character. With this product, we aim to cement the coffee ritual as an important moment, a moment that takes us  to our “perfect world” where we immerse ourselves in the taste of good coffee and happy thoughts.

Team Lillet

Would you tell us about the brand Lillet? 

Lillet is a French wine-based aperitif, part of the Pernod Ricard group. Some of its advantages are its natural ingredients and low sugar content.

How your ideas helped the brand? 

We had a lot of ideas for positioning Lillet but the second module helped us to choose the best of them: presenting the product among the ladies in their favorite places, where they spend their free time. In today’s digital world Lillet also finds its place on the Internet through influencers on social media.