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Your Career in Games begins here! 

Elevating Dreamers to Professionals

We’re proud to say that most of our graduates are now working in the highly competitive game and creative industries.

We want you to be the best connected, trained, and prepared for breaking into the industry. Our programs – Game Design, Concept Art, 3D Art and Game Programming are led by industry pros. They teach you the technical and creative skills needed to succeed, and also help you build vital soft skills. 

How ARC Academy gets students industry-ready:

  • Classes in small groups 
  • Personal mentorship & feedback from industry experts
  • Practical art & game projects to build your portfolio 
  • Exclusive events to help you network & grow as an artist
  • Halls equpped with industry used software and hardware
Year ARC Academy was established


Year ARC Academy was established


Lecturers from game & film industry


Lecturers from game & film industry
of ARC graduates start a career in the game and creative industries


of ARC graduates start a career in the game and creative industries

Game Industry Pros about ARC Academy

Some of the most important people in the game industry in Bulgaria are teaching and mentoring the students in the 2-years programs. See what they share about ARC Academy: 

Graduates now working at games studios

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Game Lab - students’ final project

ARC students complete their training with a practical project – a video game. 2D & 3D artists, game designers, and programmers join forces and create their first game, supported by their mentors.  The process is like in the indie studio. In the Game Lab we have 4 game projects, some of them market-ready. 

Students Success

Study at ARC Academy

Our programs are developed with leading game and film studios and the lectures are professionals with years of experience. That ensures our graduates have the required hard and soft skills to start their career in the industry. 

We support talented, hardworking and dedicated students with scholarships provided with our partners from game industry. You can find more information about the scholarships contests here: 

Students Showcase Video

Gallery with Arts from the Exhibition

Meet the Lecturers


The education at ARC Academy is practically oriented and meets the standards in the game industry. In the Academy, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the professions of the future.

Apply now and start your gaming and creative career with ARC Academy!

Regular Admission
(until places are filled):
July 31, 2023


If you have any questions about programs, fees or anything else, you can book a personal meeting with our team.