Students talking about the Benefits of Early Apply (until 28 February)

Our mission at ARC Academy is to help young talents who dream of working in the game, film, and entertainment industries. We provide lecturers who are professionals with experience directly from the studios, halls equipped with everything necessary for quality training and support both during the two-year training and after graduation. Meanwhile, we expect persistence, motivation, and a lot of work from you.

To help you start your studies with us more prepared and confident in your abilities, we are organizing a Pre-Program for the academic year 2023/2024. It begins in the spring and is open to all students who apply to ARC Academy by February 28 and are accepted.

In 14 online sessions, you will get to know the disciplines of Anatomy, Composition, Perspective, Intro to 3D Modeling (Blender), Intro to Game Design, Intro to VFX and Animation (Film), Digital Painting, and the software used in our training – Blender, Photoshop, etc. You will meet some of your future colleagues and some of the lecturers at the Academy. After each lesson, you will get a homework assignment and feedback from the lecturer.

Last year we organized such a program for the first time. Since feedback is important to us and helps us constantly improve the training process, we asked some participants what their impressions were. Here’s what Darena Georgieva, Plamena Genova, and Kalina Stanoeva, who have been students at ARC in the 3D Art and Concept Art programs since the fall, said.

What skills did you gain during the Pre-Program?

“The program helped me get out of my comfort zone and realize that nothing is as scary as you initially thought”, Plamena

“The most important thing for me was to work with the software, which I was unfamiliar with because at the beginning of the school year, I already had a foundation I could build. Communication with the other students was also critical to me. Each time we faced a problem, we got together and found a solution”, Darena

Did the Pre-Program help you adapt to the Academy?

Plamena Genova

“Yes, because I got to know some of my colleagues, the lecturers, as well as new programs and software that I had not come across before.

I knew it would be worth it, and I was right”, Darena

“It helped me step into the Academy with a bit more confidence”, Plamena

What do you think of the instructors?

“It’s a unique opportunity to have such people teach you!” Kalina

“The lecturers are great. They don’t teach from textbooks but pass on their industry experience, which is very valuable. There is no teacher-student barrier”, Darena

“The lecturers gave us quick feedback and encouraged us to ask questions. Homework was fun, but also challenging”, Plamena

What would you say to people wondering whether to apply to ARC Academy now?

Kalina Stanoeva

⭐Welcome to the Open Day on January 21 at 10:30 am, where you will find out details about our programs and Early Application!
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“I would advise anyone who wants to apply to ARC Academy to start working on their portfolio and participate in the Pre-Program”, Darena

“This is a great opportunity to get to know the lecturers and part of the learning process in advance, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants to study at ARC Academy. If you are wondering whether to apply now, just do it”, Kalina

Early application to ARC Academy allows you to participate in the Pre-Program for the academic year 2023/2024. The deadline is February 28. Learn more HERE.

⭐Welcome to the Open Doors Day at ARC Academy on January 21st at 10:30 am, where you will find out details about our programs and Early Application!
👉The event is free of charge. Register now 👇