We at ARC don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our work seriously.
This is what motivates us:


Because everything starts with an aspiration. We aspire to succeed, to create, to innovate and to achieve happiness in life. We believe that building a career in the creative fields is extremely fulfilling on many levels and it contributes immensely to the happiness factor. ARC Academy is here to help students steer their aspirations towards a path to professional satisfaction.


Time is the most precious commodity any one of us can possibly have. The founders of ARC Academy are parents themselves and they have experienced the frustration one feels knowing that their child’s time is being wasted by the useless or outdated academic curriculum taught at most traditional institutions. This is why ARC Academy takes the time students invest in learning very seriously and we begin every school day with a deep awareness of the responsibility we carry towards them.


Creativity is at the center of everything ARC Academy stands for. We believe that the core job description for anyone in the design, branding and entertainment line of work is a creative problem solver.

Although creativity is key, all people need is the ability to express their ideas, by good design, great concepts, artistic and technical means. That is why we teach the skills that make it possible to unleash and express the creative potential in all of our students.



We at ARC Academy are dedicated to expanding the talent pool in the creative, modern, content producing fields in Bulgaria and beyond.

We believe that bringing businesses and education together to help nurture future leaders is a goal worth investing in.

We believe that businesses cannot grow without a qualified workforce, and if the business didn’t grow, there wouldn’t be high-paying jobs that would compel young people not to leave the country. It’s a vicious cycle that we are on a mission to help break.