The ARC Academy Team Inspired Young people to Pursue Careers in Game Dev during Teen Power 2.0

Teen Power is one of the largest seminars in Bulgaria dedicated to young people and helping them find the right direction for career development. The first edition of the series of inspiring lectures started in 2021 when the participants met 10 of the most inspiring Bulgarians! This year, on the 4th of June, was the second event that gathered more than 150 participants from all over Bulgaria.

This year’s speakers were some of the most famous Bulgarians with significant experience in acting, art directing, cinema, and producing. They shared their story and experience in front of hundreds of young people. The ARC Academy team included our co-founder Antonу Christov and Ivan Spassov – a lecturer in the 3D Art program.

Teen Power is a project of the Svetlina Educational Group – the first institution for holistic education in Bulgaria, which includes the Innovative Primary School Svetlina, the first private licensed high school for IT and digital skills in Bulgaria, SoftUni Svetlina, a chain of nurseries and kindergartens Svetlina.

Anthony Christov – co-founder of ARC Academy, took part in this year’s event during which he shared about his experience as an Art Director at Pixar, but also about how he managed to create a game dev academy in Bulgaria. Anthony spoke about the challenges and difficulties we must overcome until we find what we really want to do in life. What is the job of the art director, how does it feel to work on one of the most loved animated films for children and adults – you can watch the entire lecture of Anthony Christov at the end of this text!

Together with Ivan Spassov – lecturer on 3D modeling at ARC Academy, we had the opportunity to organize a mini-workshop. Ivan showed some of his 3D models and talked about how we can start doing 3D modeling for video games and what prospects await us as artists!

Thank you, Teen Power team, for inviting us to participate in this year’s event and we wish you to continue to inspire thousands more young talents!