The first summer illustration academy at ARC Academy brought together young artists and experienced lecturers

Twenty young artists participated in the first ARC Academy Summer Illustration Academy! During it, they ventured into the world of illustration and digital painting. Together with the help of three experienced lecturers, they were able to lay and develop their foundations in art.

During two weeks, the summer academy participants had daily lectures in Illustration, Digital Drawing, Anatomy, Composition, Perspective, and Life drawing. In addition to the theoretical knowledge they received from the art classes, the participants had the opportunity to get practical experience and feedback on their assignments.

ARC Academy would like to thank the three lecturers – Maria Valkova, Tsveta Petrova (Clementine), and Gloria Shugleva (GloryArt), who ignited in everyone the passion for drawing and the desire to develop in the field of art.

Here is what two of our young participants said during the course!

“I joined the Summer Illustration  Academy because I needed a place to improve and fill in the gaps from the past years. These two weeks helped me a lot with anatomy and all the things I used to know but now I can say I really understand. At first, I had no idea that in 2 weeks I could make such a big breakthrough, but here it is and I am very satisfied.”

– Irena Yovcheva

“I enrolled in ARC Academy because I wanted to learn more about drawing, so that I could experiment and find out if I liked it and, accordingly, for future work options.”

– Svetla Koycheva

We also thank all the participants who participated in our Summer Illustration Academy! We will be expecting new artists in the second edition of the academy. When it will be – you can follow our social networks and blog to be the first to know!