The game, developed entirely by a Bulgarian team – Total War Saga: Troy

One of the most anticipated titles from Creative Assembly for 2020. is the strategy game Total War Saga: Troy. With stunning art design and gameplay, the story will take us back to the Bronze Age during the Trojan War and introduce us to the epic characters who participated in it.

The game, which intertwines elements of mythology and historical facts, is a separate Total War title and is entirely developed by a Bulgarian team. Inspired by Homer’s Iliad, it aims to make gamers rediscover the truth behind the mysteries surrounding the myth of the abduction of Beautiful Helen and the siege of Troy.

While we wait for the game to be released, you can enjoy the report prepared by BNT2, or look at the photos we took while our ARC Academy students were visiting the Creative Assembly office. They had a great opportunity to present some of their projects and received useful advice from professionals there.