The new program at ARC Academy VFX & Animation – the film industry in focus

Led by our desire to provide a quality education that meets the needs of the creative industry, from the autumn we add another program to the portfolio of ARC Academy – VFX & Animation. In this program, we focus on animation, movies, and special effects (VFX).

The development of technology has given unlimited opportunities to screenwriters, directors, and producers in the film industry. In fact, everything can now be recreated on-screen. Behind every burst, explosion, fire, or other impressive phenomenon in cinema is a team of experienced professionals. People who have the skills to work with specific software and be creators of new worlds.

The global VFX software market is expected to reach $ 1.44 billion by 2026, according to a report by Allied Market Research. This means that the demand for professionals who can work with this specific software will also grow.

Bhoot Police – part of the portfolio of Redefine

That is why together with Redefine – a studio with extensive experience in the field of VFX and animation, as well as other partners, we launched the program VFX & Animation. It will start in the next academic year 2022/2023, and the training in it is two years (4 semesters) and present. After the first introductory semester, each student chooses one of two profiles – VFX & 2D Animation or VFX & 3D Animation.

The program includes disciplines and knowledge that are fundamental to any novice VFX artist, regardless of the specific direction the student chooses to take. The program’s aim is to guide students through the entire VFX effects studio – from the basics of 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and animation to 2D Art composing and matte painting (building digital photorealistic images), as well as the organizational side of production.

Who is the program for?

In the field of animation and the creation of special effects for film and television, the acquisition of knowledge about the relevant software and practical experience is a prerequisite for starting a career. The VFX & Animation program is for anyone who has the creativity, imagination, and desire to develop in the film industry. As part of their training at ARC, they will be backed up with the skills to work in the required programs. Students will go through a number of disciplines, all the while relying on the support and feedback of teachers – people with solid experience in studios such as Redefine and others.

Professional development

As well as our other programs, the theoretical lectures in VFX & Animation are minimized and there is more practical work. Students will receive regular assignments and feedback from lecturers. They will be able to master the basic software used for VFX and animation such as Maya, Zbrush, and others. The training will end with VFX LAB, during which students will work on a practical project. It will go through the whole process of creating animations and special effects for the film and entertainment industry.

Students who successfully complete their studies at ARC will be able to immediately begin their careers in the film industry and see their names in the final captions of world productions.

You will find more about the program and the application deadlines here. If you have additional questions, we will be happy to arrange an individual meeting to discuss them.