The Next Stage in the Evolution of Video Games is Closer than We Think

Video games, just like our ever-evolving society, have undergone significant changes since their introduction in the early 1960s. From the simple, black and white format, through the 2D adventures of the 80s, to the surreal scenarios with stunning graphics today, video games continue to capture the imagination and interest of millions of people around the world.

They are not only the embodiment of human technological progress, but also exemplify our innate thirst for creating something new and expanding our horizons. As the gaming industry has progressed over the years, we have seen many trends and genres that, as quickly as they conquer the market, are just as quickly forgotten and replaced. Like Pong or Super Mario Bros. were the pinnacle of the industry at one point, so today’s impressive titles will be a thing of the past in the endless library of gaming developers. The next stage of video game development, while still unclear, is sure to be just as fascinating.

And that is what motivates us to continue our work here at ARC Academy. We always strive to reach the next level, not only in the creative field but also in the way of thinking of our students. Every idea you have deserves a chance to be realized – and we’re sure you have many.

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