The next step in the evolution of video games is just around the corner


Video games, just like our ever-evolving society, have undergone major changes since their initiation in the early 1960s. From a plain black-and-white format, through the 2D adventures of the 80s, all the way to the present-day surrealistic scenarios with dazzling graphics, video games have captivated the imagination and interest of millions of people worldwide.

They not only encompass the massive overall technological developments but also serve as evidence for our innate desire to create something new and to expand the boundaries of the human mind and its perception of the world around us. Across its progression, gaming has seen multiple trends and genres ascend and conquer the market, only to eventually wither away and be replaced by another technology. Just like Pong or Super Mario Bros. was the pinnacle of gaming at one point, today’s games will be a distant memory in the never-ending library of developers.  The next chapter, although unclear, will definitely be entertaining and as enchanting as always.

And this is what fascinates us and motivates us to continue our journey at ARC Academy. We always strive to achieve this next step not only in the creative sphere as a whole but also in the way of thinking and outlook on life in our students. Every idea you have deserves the chance to be put into practice – and we are certain you have an abundance of them.

Discover more about our Game program to gain a clear perspective on your place in the creative processes of game development and which areas and positions are best suited to your strong sides and personal qualities.