The online course Unity Engine Foundation has already started

The course Unity Engine Foundation is part of the online course series of ARC for game development. In the frame of 24 classes, the students will learn how to make games by using Unity Engine.

The lecturer is Denis Rizov – a programmer with 8 years of experience in the gaming industry, who has worked in studios like Snapshot Games and Creative Assembly.

The course aims to improve the knowledge and the skills of the students in C# programming, as well as to show them how to work with Unity Engine. During the planned classes, along with the support of the lecturer, the students will create their own video games.

The topic of the first lecture was “Multidimensional Arrays”. At the end of the class, Denis gave an exercise to the students as homework.

The course will end in April with a practical exam – to create a game. The exam aims to help students in creating their professional portfolios and starting their careers as game developers. They will receive a certificate for passing the course successfully and a document for professional education.

The next online course “Game Art Advance: Concept Art Foundations” is starting on Feb. 14. You can apply here