The third Class of ARC Academy has Graduated

On June 19, the third class of ARC Academy graduated. In front of their lecturers, colleagues, and friends, the students presented the video game Chainer, which they developed together during their last, fourth semester.

The co-founder of the Academy Milin Djalaliev congratulated the students for the work they have done and the great progress they have shown.

Their mentor Evgeny Tenev, a producer at Gameloft, pointed out the importance of teamwork in the game industry.

“In one studio, everyone is connected, each discipline depends on another. This is magic! You will give and receive feedback, your work will depend on the work of others and vice versa “, he described the atmosphere in the game industry.

In front of the guests, Milin Djalaliev pointed out that all programs in the Academy are developed together with the studios from the game, film and IT spheres. The other co-founder of ARC, Anthony Christov, added that we are already working in partnership with six Romanian studios, which are impressed by our programs, and our goal is to become a regional academy.

“We live in a time when there is a great need for talent,” he added.

Students shared some of their experiences at ARC.

“I met a lot of people and I learned the whole structure of a company, how I can interact and help others,” said Martin Ehiyanov, who is part of the 3D Art program. “Before the Academy, I made a hero in 11 months, now it takes me 1 month,” he added.

“I really like game design – it’s like directing a movie, creating a mini world,” said Martin Chernogorski, a student in the Game Design program.

To those who intend to apply to ARC Academy, Anthony Christov said that the portfolio is important, but not decisive. “What matters is your motivation, how thirsty for knowledge you are and what you want to do.”

The graduation guests had the opportunity to see the exhibition of our talented students and play the video games developed at the Academy.

We wish you good luck, class 2022! 

Photos: Marina Bandelyuk