The winner of the Scholarship Competition in association with ReDefine for the program VFX & Animation for Films

The scholarship competition for the new program in VFX & Animation for Films, which we organized with the global studio ReDefine, has ended. Anyone wishing to develop in the industry of cinema and visual effects had the opportunity to enter the competition. Thanks to our partners at ReDefine, one of the participants in the competition receives a partial scholarship in the amount of 50% of the fee for the first year of study in the program. The winner of the competition will also have the opportunity to visit the studio in Sofia and meet the ReDefine team. 

The program VFX & Animation for Films

The training in the Animation and Visual Effects program includes disciplines and knowledge useful for any aspiring VFX artist, regardless of the specific direction they choose to take. 

The topic

We have prepared a fun quiz for anyone who wants to start their career in the vast and exciting world of VFX. You should have found all the problems in the components that you see in the video of the task. Your observation and spotting as many inaccuracies as possible were important. The more comprehensive the list, the better. 

The winner

The ReDefine team eagerly reviewed all the applications and announced a winner based on the overall performance of the participants: task, cover letter, structure, interests, knowledge, and ability to express.

The winner who wins the scholarship of 50% off the first year fee for the VFX & Animation for Films program at ARC Academy is

Jasmine Lozanova 

Congratulations on a good performance!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! Keep an eye on the website and our social media (Facebook, Instagram) for upcoming competitions, initiatives, and information about studying at ARC.