This year ARC Academy is part of Sofia Game Night

This year, ARC Academy is taking part in one of the most significant gaming events in Bulgaria – Sofia Game Night, which will be held on November 5. Within 24 hours, various video game events will occur in different locations.

We at ARC organize a discussion Game Dev Talks: What is happening in the game industry in our country and what is to come?

We have invited people who can talk about the topic for hours:

⭐️ Adrien Bacchi, founder and CEO, Chibi Phoenix
⭐️ Ivaylo Koralsky, co-founder of the indie studio Kyodai
⭐️ Ivan Spasov, 3D Artist at Snapshot Games

Together with them, we will answer the questions: What is happening in the video game industry in Bulgaria? What games are currently being developed? What are the most in-demand jobs? How can you start a career in a game studio? What is the video game market forecast for the next few years? What is going to be the next big thing in the gaming industry?

We start at 6 p.m. The venue is the Polish Institute., Sofia. The event is free. As places are limited, please confirm your attendance by filling out the registration form: