Vasil Florov – Game Dev (Advanced)

Vasil Florov is a student in the ARC Academy’s Game Dev program. He has spent a lot of time since a young age immersing himself in the world of video games. They are his passion, which grew into something more.He believes that justplaying games is no longer sufficient, and he is eager to participate in the process of creating them.

So Vasil began looking for work in various locations in order to make his dream a reality. His journey to the Academy was full of challenges, but he learned something useful from each one, which gave him motivation to keep going. 

Read on to learn more about what Vasil told us during our interview:

How did you decide to approach the ARC Academy and the gaming industry? 

I’ve had a strong interest in the gaming industry since I was a child. I’ve played hundreds of games, but at some point I decided that instead of just playing them, I wanted to help create them. So I began looking for a job in a place where I could make my dream a reality. The path I took to get to ARC was fraught with difficulties, but each one taught me something new and inspired me to keep going.

 What challenges did you face while attending the academy?

I realized it would not be easy the moment I took my first steps. Many companies would not accept me, but they would still want me to develop my art. That’s exactly what I needed: a challenge, something to motivate me to fight and improve. But then I was confronted with my second challenge. I felt like I was in a competition with the people with whom I shared similar ideas and goals, and the prize was the opportunity to work on a video game with a talented team. 

What do you believe is the most important quality an artist should possess? 

Enthusiasm, motivation, a desire for change and growth. Always to search for something new, something bigger than himself, and to never give up on his dreams. Art and artists create the world. An artist, in my opinion, should create without limits, and should not be afraid to show what he is capable of. 

What are your long-termgoals? 

To realize my projects and art, reach a wider audience, and break into the gaming industry through Concept art, Illustration, and Storytelling. I’d like to contribute to the growth of Bulgarian companies in this field. I want to make incredible games with unique worlds, characters, and stories. My main goal, of course, is to share my passion for creating video games with others. 

What advice would you give to people thinking about enrolling in ARC Academy? 

You will not be sorry if you do. There is no other place in Bulgaria where you can freely create and communicate with unique and talented teachers who will always provide feedback and assist you in developing your talent. ARCs are always friendly and open to working together to solve problems.


If you want to begin your career in the game industry, you can apply for our early bird application session for class 2022/2021 until March 31st. Everyone who signs up during this time period will have the opportunity to be a part of the ARC Academy mentors’ program. Students in the mentors’ program will receive tasks and feedback from their mentors. The program will assist them in beginning their education at the Academy with greater confidence and preparedness.