Video Games of Class 2022/2023 – Pitch Presentation

The training that ARC Academy provides is two years (4 semesters) long. During the fourth semester, students from the different programs, Game Design, Concept Art, and 3D Art, prepare a project together – a video game. 

This academic year, the graduating students were divided into two teams – X and Y, each developing their own game. 

The two teams act as indie game studios, where each member takes on a role relative to the skills they have acquired and developed during their studies. The teams go through various stages of the game’s brief that are part of an actual workflow – assigning tasks, coordinating work, completing tasks on time, etc. In the end, each team has to present a completed game, which will be an important part of their portfolio.

The process is divided into four stages – Pitch, Alpha, Beta, and Gold, each culminating in a presentation to our jury. The jury of lecturers at the Academy and game industry professionals evaluate the students’ projects – story, characters, setting, specifics, and the game’s performance at that particular stage, and provides guidelines for improvement for the next development phase. 

This year’s projects are judged by Borislav Bogdanov – art director at Snapshot Games, Anthony Hristov – co-founder of ARC Academy and lecturer at the Academy, Tanko Shokerov – studio manager at Gameloft Sofia, Christo Chukov – concept artist, illustrator, and art director with more than 15 years of experience and Stefan Vassilev – senior programmer, game developer and alumni at ARC Academy.


In the Pitch presentation in March, the teams presented the completed concept for their game. To show the progress of their idea, students must have a timeline with a development plan, a cost estimate for making the game, and a risk analysis. Each team describes the required elements for this project stage.  

The first presentation of this year’s games was a success. The teams had prepared all the technical requirements and were able to convey their game concept clearly. The jury listened carefully to both teams’ presentations and returned constructive feedback to help them better their projects for the next stage of development.

We wish the teams the best of luck and look forward to following their progress during the Alpha presentation on April 22.