Video Games of Class of 2022/2023 – Beta Presentation

A favorite part of studying at ARC Academy for our students is developing a video game during the last semester of their two-year studies. This process allows them to express their creativity and acquired skills within the programs – Game Design, Concept Art and 3D Art and work together as a team – as an indie game studio.

The two teams present their projects to a jury of experts in the game industry, who express their opinion and give recommendations after each of the four presentations. On May 13, the Beta presentation took place, which is the last before the final Gold. In March and April, the first two – Pitch and Alpha – took place.


There was no shortage of concerns on the part of the presenters this time either, but as true professionals and with the support of their mentor Evgeniy Tenev, lead game producer at Creative Assembly Sofia, they made a wonderful presentation of the games they worked on. During the Beta presentation, we also saw what improvements the students made to their projects based on the feedback from the Alpha presentation.

The jury included Georgi Dinchev – studio manager of Creative Assembly Sofia; Tanko Shokerov – studio manager of Gameloft Sofia; Alexander Lene – head studio game designer at Gameloft Sofia and Stefan Vassilev senior programmer, game developer, and lecturer at ARC Academy and alumni; Anthony Christov – co-founder of ARC Academy and teacher at the Academy. In addition, this time Hristo Chukov, art director and Nikolay Dimitrov – technical director at Gameloft Sofia joined the judging panel, who, although they did not take part in the final evaluation of the projects, gave useful feedback to the students.

We at ARC Academy are impressed with the work of our students and the improvements the students have been able to achieve from the Alpha presentation to now. The end of this adventure of theirs is coming, and it will be staged with the final Gold presentation on June 17th.

If you want to develop video games too, check out our programs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting with our team.