Viktoria Dimitrova, a Student at ARC Academy, and her Mother Iliana, who Believes in her Talent

Today we will meet Viktoria Dimitrova, who will be a student in the Concept Art program at ARC Academy starting in the fall, and her mother, Iliyana Dimitrova, who firmly believes in her daughter’s talent and supports her in her choice to develop in the field of art. The two share what the Academy looks like through their eyes, as well as the motivation to develop in the desired field.

Viktoria is a girl who infects people with motivation and makes them dream boldly to achieve their goals, which in her case is studying at the Academy. Viktoria completed her second year at the National Academy of Arts. He defines himself as an artist in all its directions. Whether it’s music, dance, paintings, or simply the facades of the street in front of our homes, she seems to see everything in a different way, with different eyes. From a very young age, she was interested in fine arts, music, and dancing. She knows how to turn the things she likes to do and which she defines as his hobbies in the direction of professional realization. Apart from fine art, which has always been a constant in her life, the other thing is precisely dancing. She failed to become a musician, but she managed to live through music, thanks to them. She is professionally engaged in Latin dances and is part of one of the best dance ensembles in Bulgaria. Viktoria’s other interests have always been acting and photography, which she can say have found a place in her heart.

How did you find ARC Academy and why did you decide to apply?

Viktoria: Three years ago, I had a “chance” meeting with ARC Academy. I put it in quotes because I strongly believe that there are no coincidences in our lives, much less the people we meet. This meeting took place thanks 

to my art teachers and the school I graduated from, 51 Elisaveta Bagryana High School. From the moment I met Anthony Christov, I had a strong feeling about this man and the things he does. That feeling didn’t go away over the years, and I knew for myself that I had to touch the things that the people at ARC were doing. And so, over the years, I developed myself and my other interests and waited until I felt the moment when I would apply to ARC Academy and be ready for it… if one can ever call oneself ready for what lies ahead!

What inspires you to create and develop yourself in this field?

Viktoria: As I wrote in my motivational letter with which I applied, art has always answered my questions about whether I am happy with what I do. The answer has always been “YES” and this has constantly driven and motivated me to continue creating. I am inspired by the thought of my hands and imagination creating incomprehensible worlds and people being able to touch them. I am inspired by the idea of being surrounded by artists and being part of teams with such people and learning from each other. I am motivated by the fact that I will be able to develop thanks to the environment I am in and want to be in. That’s why I have high hopes, ambitions, and a lot of work. And I urge everyone to follow their instincts and have big dreams! “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

A parent’s perspective on career and education choices is essential for any young person. Here is what Viktoria’s mother – Iliana Dimitrova – shared about her application to the Academy:

Iliana Dimitrova was born and raised in Sofia. From early school age, she showed an interest in confectionery. Her desire was to continue her education in this field, so she pursued her dream and graduated in confectionery. She left for Plovdiv and submitted her documents herself to the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv. Her parents kept saying that everyone comes to Sofia to study because of the large choice of universities, and she started studying in Plovdiv. And so, for more than 20 years, she has been doing what her dream was. 

When did Victoria show her interest in drawing and how did you decide to support her in going into the gaming industry? 

Iliana: I let my daughter choose her own path. She has loved drawing since she was little. Seeing her interest in fine arts, we enrolled her in such a class in first grade. After 7th grade, she knew that this was her path and would be what she wanted to do in the future. She chose which school to attend, and we supported her decision. It turned out to be the wrong choice. The school did not meet her expectations of developing in the field of graphic design.

And so she was given the opportunity to continue in one of the best places with a fine art class among secondary schools, namely 51 SU “Elisaveta Bagryana”. There she was encouraged to develop her own skills and talent. She was given the opportunity to create in the field of digital art and thanks to her art teachers who taught and guided her, she is a student today at the National Academy of Arts.

What advice would you give to parents wondering if ARC Academy is the right place for their children to study?

Iliana: All parents want their children to succeed and live in a better world, but it starts with the little things from us. Let’s be optimistic and bet on their talent. Let’s motivate them to develop it in the best way and support them in every new endeavor.

I think ARC Academy is the right place for your children because it has an innovative environment filled with young and motivated people, passionate about art and what they do. Motivate and listen to your children! I did it, and so should you! Today I am a proud parent. Viktoria is amazing at what she does.

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