We have opened the fourth school year at ARC Academy

On October 15, we started the fourth school year at ARC Academy. Students, alumni, lecturers, and partners gathered on our campus in Elieff Center for Education and Culture (AUBG). This year, our programs include students from Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine, which is another step in our transformation into an international academy in the field of video games and cinema. 

The founders of ARC Academy Milin Djalaliev and Antony Christov welcomed the guests at the opening.

“We meet many youngsters and they have a common dream – how to make games and films. It’s a long journey. For it you need two weapons – motivation and curiosity”, said Milin Djalaliev. 

Antony Christov encouraged the students to be actively involved in the learning process, to ask questions, and seek assistance from their mentors.

Starting this year, we are adding another program to the Academy – VFX & Animation (Film). Elena Rapondzhieva, Head of Production at ReDefine studio, who is our partner in the program, told more about the career opportunities in the VFX industry. She explained that there had been VFX studios in Bulgaria for 20 years, and about 300 people work in the field. The challenges they face include inadequate education to prepare future employees.

“That’s why the partnership with ARC Academy is exciting for us. It will open a new door for those who want to enter the VFX industry. You are the first generation that will have the opportunity to get an education in this field in our country“, said Elena to the students.

Bogdan Bogdanov, director of the Game Dev programs – Game Design, Concept art and 3D art – presented to the students the logic of the programs and told them more about the individual and team projects that accompany the training. He advised students to use the Academy both to acquire knowledge and skills and to make contacts.

After the two inspiring lectures, it was time for friendly conversations and delicious pizza provided by our friends at Domino’s Pizza!

We wish all ARC students good luck in the new school year!