We were at Integral Educational Fairs in Bucharest and Sofia

We participated in two educational exhibitions in Bucharest and Sofia in March as part of the World Education Fair event organized by Integral.

Our team met with dozens of students from Romania and Bulgaria who were interested in studying digital arts, video games, and cinema.

We told them more about our programs, including Concept Art, 3D Art, Game Design, VFX & Animation, and the new Game Programming program starting next academic year.

At both educational fairs, ARC Academy co-founder Antony Christov and 3D artist Kaloyan Kalamov from AMC Ro Studio gave an open lecture on how beginner artists can start their first job in a game studio. 

“Finding a job is an art in itself,” said Antoni Hristov, who explained how he carried his CV from studio to studio. Kaloyan said he prepared his portfolio for a year and a half before starting work.

He said that Artstation is the most famous site for creating a portfolio, which allows artists to build a network.

According to Kaloyan, it is important for every professional to develop both the specific skills required for the position (known as hard skills) and their ability to work in a team (part of soft skills).

He advised young artists to develop both their skills and their portfolio. 

It was a great pleasure for our team to meet so many enthusiastic young people who want to study in the fields of games, cinema, and digital arts.