Webinar: My path to Professional Programming – Three Stories from the IT Industry

Date: June 2, 2022, 8 pm.


  • Filip Yankov, Director of Computer Science at ARC Academy
  • Kamen Vakuvchiev, an engineer at Ocado Technology and lecturer at FMI at Sofia University
  • Yordan Iliev, an engineer at Ocado Technology

The IT sector in Bulgaria is developing rapidly and is going to a higher level. We are no longer just an outsourcing destination, products with great added value are created here. The IT industry needs new professionals who have both analytical, product, and creative thinking. Quality education is fundamental to the training of these staff. During the webinar, the speakers will share their experience in the IT field. Together we will look for answers to the questions: 

  • What is the path to professional realization as a programmer?
  • What qualities are needed for success in the IT field?
  • How does education meet the needs of the IT industry?

We will talk about the new program at ARC Academy Computer Science and how you can apply for it.

We will be expecting you online on the social media of ARC – on June 2, at 8 pm.

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