Webinar: Why Apply to ARC Academy Now?

🎮 Video games have been a hobby for generations of gamers. From Super Mario and Sonic to Fortnite and Minecraft, we find fun and a little escape from everyday life in our favorite titles. With the development of the gaming industry as a multi-billion dollar business, more and more people are turning their passion for gaming into a successful profession. Do you want to become one of them? Then, ARC Academy is the place to go. The Academy offers modern training in Game Design, Concept Art, 3D Art, and others.

Enrollment for each academic year begins. Come to our webinar and find out why you should apply now.

📌 During the webinar, you will learn more about the benefits of Early Application to ARC Academy and the special Mentoring Program.

📌 Get online and meet Academy co-founder Milin Djalaliev and our program coordinator Krasimira Manashfi, who will answer all your questions about programs at ARC and the application!

📌 You can watch the event on the ARC channel on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube!