The future of the game industry was one of the main topics at the Game dev Talks discussion

On November 5, ARC Academy organized a discussion “Game Dev Talks: what’s happening in the game industry in Bulgaria and what’s next”, which was part of Sofia Game Night. Seeing the hall at the Polish Cultural Institute full of game enthusiasts was a great pleasure for us.

The participants were Ivaylo Koralski from Kyodai Studio, Ivan Spasov from Snapshot Games, and Adrien Bacchi from Chibi Phoenix. They managed to light a spark that ignited a two-hour discussion with lots of stories and questions. The main topics of conversation were the present and future of the game industry in Bulgaria, trends, companies, professions, and whatnot!

Adrien Bacchi is the co-founder of Chibi Phoenix. His tales of turbulent times, funny stories, and the creation of one of the most successful manga video game companies in Bulgaria were extremely interesting. Adrien shared how much he likes our country and expressed his positive thoughts about young Bulgarian talents who need to act boldly and confidently in realizing their dreams. In addition, Ivaylo Koralski expressed his support for those who already have professional careers and would like to change them. He gave an example of himself – he worked as a journalist and was a political scientist by education, which has nothing to do with video game development, but now he is a successful developer. Ivan Spasov as a 3D artist and lecturer at the Academy advised the audience not to stop creating and seeking new knowledge. His words were. When I was wondering how and why to start developing myself in this field, there wasn’t that much information to help me. The internet is our best friend, keep an eye on video game documentation, watch what others do and say, watch yourself and what your instincts are in the process of creating.”

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