Who does what in the game industry? (part 2)

A week ago in the article “Who does what in the game industry? (part 1) ”we told you about the huge potential of the game industry, as well as why game designers are so important in creating video games. Today we will share with you some more interesting professions:

Module 3: Programming

The technical director of Gameloft Sofia, Nikolay Dimitrov, showed us the main tools used for programming the interface in games such as Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine and others. He also said that he expects that the new tool for video game development – machine learning, will gain more and more popularity among video game creators.

We asked Nikolay Dimitrov for his opinion about the event:

It was quite an interesting experience for me. For the first time I faced such a large audience of non-specialists in my field. I will remember a few questions from participants who were looking for directions for the way forward in life.

Module 4: Game testing

From Lyuboslav Karmidjanov and Lyubomir Stoykov, leaders of Quality Assurance (QA) teams at SEGA Bulgaria, we learned that game testers do not just play the games, but find the mistakes in them. They check all the actions, maps and commands of the character, as well as the processes of building and publishing, to make sure that there are no problems that prevent the release of a game. Of course, for this purpose it is mandatory to be familiar with the entire game design and further development of the game.

Module 5: Level design and creation

Lyubomir Dinekov, a leading level designer at Massive Entertainment, introduced us to the multidisciplinary profession of level designer, which, in addition to creating the levels themselves, also deals with inventing various missions and challenges. He also revealed the secret of where many level designers find their inspiration – good research that leads to original ideas for level concepts,  accurate maps and interesting characters.

Lyubomir Dinekov shared his impressions from the lecture:

I was impressed that the interest in game development has definitely increased in Bulgaria in the last 5 years. The questions are much more adequate and the audience is much more prepared. “

Coming soon “Who does what in the game industry? (part 3)” to introduce you to two other very important professions in the development of video games – that of the conceptual artist and 3D artists.