Why Study and Work in the Game Industry – ARC Academy on the Unify Podcast

“The world of video games creates dreamers. We help them become professionals”. This is what the co-founder of ARC Academy, Milin Djalaliev, said in a podcast episode of the educational consultant UNIFY. Together with him, the guest of the podcast was Petya Grigorova-Popov, director of “Student Success” at the Academy.

During the conversation, they talked about ARC’s mission to help youth find their place in the gaming industry. Milin and Petya answered a number of questions, such as:

  • What is the profile of students at the Academy? (3 min.)
  • How is the game industry in Bulgaria developing in our country and what are the prospects for it? (5.30 min.)
  • Should I develop video games in Bulgaria or abroad? (15.20 min.)
  • What are the programs at ARC Academy and how does the training work? (19.30 min.)
  • How do I apply to ARC Academy? (26.30 min.)
  • Can I study at the Academy remotely? (39 min.)
  • How do parents feel about game dev education? (43 min.)

Answer these questions, which you can learn in the podcast: