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Win 3 partial scholarships for ARC Academy programs with Creative Assembly Sofia

Start: July 7

End: July 28

Requirements: for individuals who are motivated and passionate about a future in the games industry, and who come from a disadvantaged background due to their family circumstances.

Level: No previous professional experience is required

Стипендия: 3 х 50% стипендии за неравностойно положение – (на човек) при неблагоприятни обстоятелства, особено по отношение на финансовите или социалните възможности.

Специален партньор: Creative Assembly 

At ARC Academy, we strive to help young talent take their own path in the gaming industry. In our mission to offer quality education, we work side by side with loyal supporters in the face of some of the largest game studios.

Thanks to our partners from Creative Assembly Sofia we give the opportunity to people with motivation and potential, but in a difficult situation to study at ARC Academy, by providing 3 scholarships for the Game Dev programs.

What do you need to do? Choose one of the three tasks and prove to us through your energy and skills that you deserve to be among the chosen ones.

The prize

Three of you will receive scholarships that cover 50% of the fee for the first year of study in one of the programs Game Design, Concept Art, or 3D Art. The scholarships are provided by the international studio Creative Assembly Sofia, which is behind the series Total War, Halo Wars, and others. In addition to financial incentives the winners in the competition will have the opportunity to visit the studio in Sofia and meet the team of Creative Assembly Sofia.

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The programs

Game Dev is a two-year program in Game Design, Concept Art, or 3D Art, which aim to prepare young talents for their future careers in the game industry. Program participants go through every aspect of creating a video game. When applying to the Academy, each student chooses one of the three areas in which he wants to develop professionally. 

Enter the Competition

The story:

A powerful explosion shook the frigate named “Exvozavia” in 1799 (or 1999, if you want the action to take place in modern times). Part of the water surface is painted in yellow-red shades of the fiery element that engulfed the ship. The action takes place in the open sea, in the evening. In the distance, you can see the contours of an island, and on it vague forms of civilization. We see two people in a lifeboat and a third, in torn clothes, perched on the wreckage of a wrecked ship. The scene is the territories of the Bermuda Triangle…

The task:

Choose one of the three tasks and prove to us through your energy and skills that you deserve to be among the chosen ones.

Concept Art:

Show us how your imagination and conceptual thinking work by drawing any of the elements listed above – sea, island, characters, underwater world, or the whole environment of the described scene. An exploding frigate can also be the subject of your drawing. The choice of visual style is yours! 

3D Art:

Introduce us to the main character or the environment in the game that you would like to model in 3D. Don’t limit yourself to illustrations. You can also use clay, stop moss, paper, or whatever you choose that will best present your idea.

Game Design:

The game can be single-player, multiplayer, or coop. You are not limited in the genre in any way. If you are attracted, the characters in your game can play a new version of water polo against the background of the burning frigate. Your entertainment software can be for mobile platforms, core gaming platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC), and even VR software.

The document we expect must contain:

– Summary (maximum ½ page)

– Description of the main character and the story (maximum ½ page)

– From 2 to 5 game mechanics (maximum ½ page each)

– List of elements of the game: potential items, opponents (not necessarily animate – the opponent may be the ocean, for example), weapons, etc. (maximum ½ page)

– Sample game-level design, including plan or sketch. If your idea is to be realized in an open world, describe to us the structure of a specific mission and its field features/design of progress).

– Basic structure of the gameplay and how it will develop over time. (maximum 1 page)


We know that deadlines and hard work are great motivators to do your best.  We expect your work until 23.59 p.m. on July 28.


The jury is made up of professionals with many years of experience in the game industry, who have participated in hundreds of competitions and know what it’s like to be on the other side.

Send your task:


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