Win a partial scholarship for ARC Academy programs

At ARC Academy, we believe in the talent and ambition of our students and help them make their way into the gaming and creative industries. Driven by this mission, we present to you a great opportunity – our partners from EGT Digital provide a partial scholarship of 20% of the tuition fee in our Concept Art and 3D Art programs.

The competition is open to all students from the first year at ARC Academy (Fundamentals) who will be in the second year of their studies (Advanced) in the fall and are from the Concept Art and 3D Art programs.

In addition to a scholarship, the winner will receive an invitation to a 3-month paid summer internship at EGT Digital, where they will be able to develop his skills and learn many things “from the kitchen” of the game industry.

Here is the task you need to complete to participate in the contest:

Draw a full-length portrait of the ancient Greek god of the seas, Poseidon, or an Egyptian deity of your choice. The main requirement is to stick to the style of the casino game industry with its bright tones, numerous reflections, and golden elements in the composition. There are no restrictions on the color range.

Parameters of the task

The dimensions of the portrait format should be 2000×3000 px at 72 dpi, and the file types should be PSD and PNG.

We expect your assignments and portfolio by June 25. A jury from EGT Digital will pick the winners. Good luck!

To participate in the contest, please fill out the contact form and attach your task.