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Win a scholarship for the Game Dev programs with ARC Academy and Chibi Phoenix

Beginning: 01.06.22

End: 15.06.22

Requirements: Strong motivation and desire to acquire new skills

Level: no previous professional experience required

Announcement of the winner: 19.06.2022 on the Graduation day at ARC Academy

Special partner: Chibi Phoenix

The competition

We at ARC Academy always strive to help young talents take their own path in the gaming industry. So, now we give you the opportunity to win a scholarship for our two-year Game Dev program. What do you need to do? Just choose one of the three tasks below and show us through your motivation, energy, and skills that you are worth being among the chosen ones.

The prize

The winner will receive a 50% scholarship from the fee for the first school year in one of the programs Game Design, Concept Art or 3D Art. The scholarship was provided by the international game studio Chibi Phoenix. The winner will have the opportunity to visit the studio in Sofia and meet the team of Chibi and ARC Academy.

The programs

The goal of our Game Dev programs is to prepare young talents for their future careers in the game industry. For this purpose, program participants will go through every aspect of creating a video game. When applying to the Academy, each student chooses one of the three programs in which he wants to develop professionally.


The story:

Opening your eyes after a deep sleep, you find that you are in the wild, but it seems to be slightly different – the plants are bright green, the rivers are transparent, and there are unseen mythical creatures all around you. Slightly in the distance you notice a group of people, each of them surrounded by domesticated animals who listen to them and defend them. You quickly realize that you also need to gather a team of X mythical creatures around you in order to be able to resist…

The task

Choose one of the three tasks depending on your desire in which area of the game industry you want to develop and send it to us by June 15 (11:59 pm.)

Concept Art:

Show us how your imagination and conceptual thinking work by drawing how you imagine one of the characters or the environment in the game.

3D Art:

Introduce us to the main character or the environment in the game that you would like to model in 3D. And don’t limit yourself to illustrations. You can also use clay, stop motion, paper or whatever you decide will best present your idea.

Game Design:

Develop the game as a “platformer”. The document must contain:

  • Summary (maximum ½ page)
  • Description of the main character and the story (maximum ½ page)
  • 2 game mechanics (maximum 1 page each)
  • List of game elements: objects, opponents, weapons, etc. (maximum 1 page)
  • Sample level design, including plan or sketch.
  • Conditions for winning and losing the game (maximum 2 pages)
  • Optional: Proposal for further development of the game / story (maximum 1 page)


We know that deadlines and hard work are great motivators to give your best. The deadline for submitting the task is 11:59 pm. on June 15, 2022.

The winner will be announced at the ARC Academy Graduation / Open Doors, which will take place on June 19.


There is nothing more difficult than appreciating someone else’s work. Especially when it comes to something as subjective as solving a creative task. For this reason, our jury consists only of professionals with many years of experience in the gaming industry, who have participated in hundreds of competitions and know very well what it’s like to be on the other side.

Send your task