Winners of the Scholarship Competition in Partnership with Creative Assembly Sofia for the Game Dev Programs

The scholarship competition, which we organized together with our partners from Creative Assembly Sofia, has ended. Its aim is to support individuals who are motivated and passionate about a future in the game industry, and who come from a disadvantaged background due to their family circumstances. Thanks to CA, three applicants will receive a scholarship of 50% of the tuition fee for the first year in the Game Dev programs.

The Game Dev programs

Training in the Game Design, Concept Art, and 3D Art programs allows every young talent an opportunity for professional development in the game industry.

The topic

We challenged each of you to step into the shoes of the sailors of the “Iksvozavya” frigate and experience the task. What did you see on the horizon? How did you look, how did you feel as the waters rose and the explosion cut off your escape route? You could choose whether your character would die or play while the world went up in flames. Choose whether he or she will go to a mystical island or fly to the skies.

The winners

The jury examined and evaluated all the applications of all participants with great interest. Now it’s time to announce the three of you who are getting the opportunity to study at ARC Academy on a partial scholarship. These are:

  • Kalina Stanoeva – Concept Art
  • Martin Katsarski – Game Design
  • Ilia Shorin – Concept Art/3D Art

Big thanks to all participants in the contest! Follow our site and social media to be the first to know about such upcoming initiatives.