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Alexander Lene

Studio Lead Game Designer, Gameloft Sofia


Alexander started working more than 10 years ago at an ambitious French mobile game studio in a nascent market. He was primarily responsible for two critically acclaimed titles for EA Mobile (Battleship/Connect4) and Konami (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow). He then moved to Bulgaria to work on the ambitious Fallout Online as an assistant executive producer and produced several other titles for Interplay. Six years ago, he decided to return to the mobile services market by joining Gameloft Sofia, where he is now responsible for the game design department.


With his team, he adapted Nintendo DS “Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow” (Konami) to an 800KB package for phones like the Sony Ericsson K800 – PocketGamer 7/10.

He works as an assistant executive producer on Fallout Online (Project V13). He worked as the game director of War Planet Online and was the lead designer on many projects. He is currently the lead designer at Gameloft Sofia.