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Elliot ‘Yun’ Egron

Game Designer, Game Designer, Writer, Sound Manager, Sound Direction,
Programmer, Localization Manager + AT RYSEUP STUDIOS



Elliott has been a game designer for as long as he can remember, but for the past 15 years, he has focused primarily on teaching. He shares his experience coaching eSports players both in one-on-one courses and in front of audiences of over 100+ people. He has worked on numerous VR games, including RoboQuest, as well as solo projects that span genres such as Diablo, MOBA, and third-person games. His passion for game design has been born since childhood, sharing that he has been developing various maps since he was 12 years old. Creating rules and systems gives him pleasure, knowing that there are people who, like him, enjoy this creative process.


He worked on RoboQuest, the game has a 95%+ rating on Steam, 9+/10 on most other platforms, and 250+K copies sold.