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Ivan Atansov

Game Designer


He made his first board game when he was 16 years old – it did not get a commercial version and remained for use only among friends.

In 2001, he began working on the second Bulgarian, commercial, role-playing system – Axiom 16. The book itself was published in 2005. This also opened the doors to the video game industry, which he entered in 2002.

He works as a game designer in leading positions at Hemimont, Ubisoft, Imperia Online, and other Bulgarian and foreign companies.

Since 2016, he has been freelancing as a consultant and freelancer. In 2018, together with two other partners, he founded his own company in which he makes mobile games – the biggest of which is currently MMA Rivals.

He teaches “Dramaturgy for Interactive Media” at NATFА.


Glory of the Roman Empire was the first game he was lead designer on at Haemimont Games, and he still loves it.

He is the creator of the second Bulgarian commercial role-playing game, “Adventure with sword and magic”, based on the Axiom16 system (which was also created by him).

He likes the mobile game MMA Rivals, in which he combines two of his passions – gaming and martial arts.

He loves experimental games and makes them – Hardship, RTS Chess (only available on

He enjoys every project he’s worked on, whether it’s a commercial success or not.