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Konstantin Grozev

3D Environmentalist, Kyodai LTD



Konstantin has been painting digitally for almost 7 years. He entered the world of 3D art in 2018 and started experimenting with Unreal Engine in 2019. In 2021, Konstantin was accepted to ARC Academy, where he spent the first year working on his 2D and 3D testing skills. Then, for the creation of the Actia game, as the 3D Lead of the project, he built on his knowledge of Unreal Engine. After completing his training at ARC, Constantine started working at the indie studio Kyodai, where he is currently a 3D Environmentalist.


Top 100 finalist in the “Boss Fight 3D Community Challenge”. 3D Lead in the team that created Actia by being involved in various stages of the workflow—modeling, texturing, animating, etc.