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Milen Ivanov

Distance Learning Program Director,
CEO RYSEUP STUDIOS, Degree – Game Art, Gamagora


Milen Ivanov is the program director of the distance learning program of ARC Academy. He is a seasoned professional in the game industry who began his career 15 years ago, contributing his artistic talent to renowned companies such as Atari and Arkane. He is the founder of RyseUp Studios, an independent French game studio, which in 2023 saw significant success with the release of “Roboquest”. Millen’s diverse range of knowledge includes creative and artistic direction, teaching, business development and financial skills, demonstrating his many years of professional experience.


He worked at Arkane Lyon on the Dishonored series as an environment artist.

Founded RyseUp Studios and released Roboquest on PC and Xbox Game Pass, with the game receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews.

He has worked with numerous French schools, teaching for over 10 years.