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Vlad Gheneli

Concept artist / Illustrator



Vlad debuted back in 2012, working on an indie table-top RPG game, where he got to design a large variety of subjects, ranging from characters and creatures to environments, scenes and various other illustrations. This was then followed by other similar projects, mostly working freelance. Other projects worth mentioning were an animated short film (2015) and a full-feature animation (2017), both canceled.

In 2021 he got the opportunity to work on a big title, Netflix’s “Wednesday” series, where he had to design various scenes (mostly interiors) and props, but also contributed some ideas to the Nevermore Academy, which was an extension of an existing Romanian castle. In 2022, “We Were The Lucky Ones” followed, a TV mini-series where he had to design the various scenes that the main characters traveled through, often depicting large, open spaces and crowds of people. Currently working on other film projects.


Concept Artist/Illustrator: 

Netflix’s Wednesday – 2022 series – seasons 1 and 2

We Were The Lucky Ones – 2024 TV mini-series