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Duration: November 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025

Language: Bulgarian

Format: Online

Level: Beginner

Tuition Fee: €960 (2 x €480) first payment upon enrollment, second payment in January


“Fundamentals of Digital Arts” is a 7-month online program for artists who want to create a portfolio of digital works and confidently continue their education in art specialties.

It aims to help young people who want to pursue creative professions combine knowledge and skills from traditional art (anatomy, perspective, composition, and color theory) with their application in digital drawing and 3D modeling using the most commonly used and industry-recognized software – Adobe Photoshop and Blender.

The instructors you will meet will provide specific tasks and feedback throughout the training period. Their guidance will help you develop a fundamental understanding of art, its possibilities, and applications. These are undoubtedly important insights for any artist who wants to turn their talent into a profession.

Through mentorship and a personalized approach, you will get to know two of the most important software programs used in the field (Adobe Photoshop, Blender, etc.). Completing the program will enable you to confidently step into the art specialty of your choice.



ARC Academy has been successfully training talents in practical skills in the field of creative arts for five years. 84% of our students have achieved professional success in the creative industry.

At ARC Academy, artistic individuals create new connections, meet professionals from the creative industries, and develop complex practical projects while acquiring soft skills that help them realize their potential in their chosen profession. This gives us the confidence that we can help you acquire skills, learn to create your digital art, meet practically oriented specialists, rely on their mentorship, and build a portfolio that ensures your confidence and readiness in both traditional and digital key disciplines.


You receive a certificate of completion issued by ARC Academy

You receive a certificate of completion issued by ARC Academy

Knowledge in Art

You study the core disciplines in digital art

You study the core disciplines in digital art


You receive personalized feedback to develop a high-quality skill set

You receive personalized feedback to develop a high-quality skill set

Completed Portfolio

You work on a projects that will showcase the skills and knowledge you have gained during your studies

You work on a projects that will showcase the skills and knowledge you have gained during your studies

  • Foundations in Traditional Art: Study key disciplines – anatomy, perspective, composition, and color theory.
  • Digital Drawing: Learn to work in Photoshop through practice.
  • 3D Modeling: Work in Blender to create 3D objects.
  • Feedback: Receive personalized feedback to develop your skills.
  • Completed Portfolio: Work on projects that showcase your ability to apply traditional art knowledge in digital contexts.
  • Admission to ARC Academy: Depending on your progress and performance, you can apply to our 3D Art and Concept Art specialties with just an interview.
  • Certification: Obtain a Certificate of Partial Qualification issued by the Ministry of Education, in the following cases (link).


In 102 instructional hours, accepted candidates will cover the basics of traditional art, familiarize themselves with Adobe Photoshop and Blender to create digital works, and learn various drawing techniques used to create exciting worlds and characters.

  • Learn the basic principles, techniques, and theories related to traditional art, including the fundamental elements of design, composition, color theory, perspective, and other key aspects that form the essential foundation for any artist.

    • Composition
    • Perspective
    • Anatomy
    • Color theory
  • Learn the essential tools, principles, and techniques used to create digital art through graphic and 3D software, including computer graphics, digital image processing, and 3D modeling, which are crucial for understanding and creating art in a digital environment.

    • Digital Drawing with Adobe Photoshop
    • Intro to 3D with Blender
    • Practical classes for creating portfolio projects

Participants will engage for 4 hours per week on one weekday and one weekend day. Classes are 2 hours during the week and 3 hours on weekends.

Classes cover theoretical preparation and practical parts. Instructors will provide advice, recommendations for improvement, and guidance to help you enhance your skills. They will assist you in continuing your education in chosen art specialties or at ARC Academy, confident in your ability to use software and create quality, authentic digital works.


  • You will be able to work with the most up-to-date software (Blender, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) in digital art.
  • You will be able to build correct, structured and inspiring digital works.
  • Ability to create 3D objects, models, textures, and basic characters in a 3D environment.
  • You will lay a solid foundation for developing and educating in art specialties.
  • Confidence and ability to apply essential art knowledge like perspective and anatomy in digital drawing.


Our disciplines are taught by experienced professionals who are eager and willing to share their expertise with future artists. The learning process is interactive and primarily practical. This is why the lecturers, who act as mentors, closely monitor each student’s progress and provide personalized feedback.


In addition to preparing yourself and your portfolio for various art specialties, the “Fundamentals of Digital Arts” program will enable you to apply for the 2-year Concept Art and 3D Art specialties at ARC Academy.

Concept Art

After completing a personalized Portfolio Review class with the program’s Art Lead, you will have the opportunity to receive individual feedback and an evaluation/recommendation. This will enable you to continue your education at ARC Academy without an additional admission task.


Application form

Application form

It includes personal information and a cover letter.



An opportunity to talk about yourself, your future aspirations, and your educational plans.

*Submitting a portfolio is optional.


Apply now and become part of the preliminary program for the 2024/2025 academic year.

If you have any questions about programs, fees or anything else, you can book a personal meeting with our team.