Space Patrol – behind the scenes

It all started when our partners from the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation reached to us for advice on developing a new game. The topic was an educational game for children aged 7-10 and, of course, we took the task to heart.

First, the idea was great, but the assignment needed to be further defined and specified before we could transfer it to a studio. With the help of the launchlabs team, we developed the concept to accurately identify the audience, the archetypes, and set clear goals of the game – developing critical thinking, teamwork, creativity, and leadership from an early age.

Secondly, we had young and ambitious people dreaming of entering the world of video game development professionally – our students.
In the fall of 2019, we organized Game Jam – two intense weekends, during which future game developers, divided into four teams, had the quest to develop the task into an idea for a real game. All four teams gave brilliant ideas, and two of them were particularly good hits, therefore developed by KVABA Interactive as prototypes.

After the first tests among children, the topic of space gained the greatest interest and another goal was set for the game: acquiring knowledge about space.

Dedicated to the idea of ​​igniting interest in astronomy among young people, Assoc. Prof. Kamen Kozarev from the Institute of Astronomy with the National Astronomical Observatory of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences helped with the educational content. Despite this successful definition and specification of the Space Patrol project, a more important moment for the game was yet to come – the testing by real players.

The students from 4th and 5th grade from the innovative school in Burgas, Alexander Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata Primary School, were attracted to test the game.
The mobile version has shown to be strongly preferred by the young space explorers and this improved version of the game, developed by KVABA Interactive, is already a fact.

Every successful project is realized thanks to each of the participants’ ideas, skills, ambitions, and efforts.
Congratulations to our students that did so well on one of the most challenging stages of developing a real game.

You can download the game Space Patrol for free at: